At Vimento, we are specialists in telecom and provide data-driven advice and problem solving for all players in the industry

Datadriven Business Consultancy

We have extensive experience in creating value for you with data-driven consultancy, where we work with large amounts of data. We do this with the focus of business optimization as the most important objective. This is reflected in well-defined and significant gains in the tasks we perform.

Our strong research profile combined with a solid market and industry knowledge means that we differ significantly from others. Our ability to apply and invent methods for problem solving through data processing is unique.

Analytical and systematic

We master great analytical skills, and we constantly ensure that our knowledge is fresh in relation to market conditions, technologies, and trends. Among other things, through a network of the industry’s most skilled experts.

Data expertise with a wow-factor

We have often solved tasks that no one else has managed to solve. Therefore, we often experience the wow effect from you even before we have delivered.


From a background with many years at Aalborg University, we have learned to utilize the research approach to development. At the same time, we have a strong network of knowledge and educational institutions we can include in our projects. 


Our flexibility allows us to adapt our solutions to the already existing IT systems our customers have. We have experience in seamlessly interfacing variety of database environments, cloud-computing platforms, Geographic Information Systems and CMR platforms among each other and with our own systems.




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