GEOgraphic Location Aware Business
Support System as a Service

Or just GEOLABS3

What is it?

Mobile operators use advanced computer models (Atoll) to calculate mobile coverage and capacity. This data is used to further optimize and expand the mobile network. At the same time, there can also an obligation to provide the coverage data to the national telecom regulator for coverage monitoring purposes.

At Vimento, we have built a system that automatically interconnects this coverage data with several other data sources. Examples of these are address data, CVR company data, the operator’s own data. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Once the data is automatically retrieved, validated, and linked, they are presented in an interactive dashboard, with the ability to create filtered lists of leads for use in B2B and B2C sales, as one of the use cases.

Some of the benefits of the GEOLABS3 concept are:

  • Coverage data available to everyone in the organization 
  • Alignment of many different data sources that provide new levels of information 
  • Integration with data on existing technologies – fiber, coax, xDSL, mobile data 
  • Automatic updates when new datasets are available 
  • Data-based knowledge transfer across departments and silos 
  • A team with a high level of knowledge and competence spread over a few amount of resources 
  • Tailor-made interactive user interfaces for each use case 
  • Access to a unique knowledge bank about the telecommunications market – technologies, market, players, data sources, and use of data 

What does it contain?

We call it a strategic information system that generally consists of a back-end and one or more front-ends. In the back-end, there is an ongoing automatic collection of all the data sources that are relevant for a front-end. Once back-end has collected data, they are stored, or are further processed with machine learning or artificial intelligence to expand the information level of data as much as possible. A front-end is the place where the processing data is presented and filtered according to different criteria.

How can it be used?

Imagine that the sales manager for business customers can select the top 100 best potential new customers within a defined area. Quite simply by using coverage data in combination with geographic business data and data on existing competitive broadband technologies.
The same possibility to make qualified lead lists is possible on the private customer side.
In addition, GEOLABS3 offers a wide range of benefits in other parts of the organization such as:

  • Opportunity to communicate new or upcoming coverage in public relations and marketing context.
  • To create an easy and common understanding of the coverage throughout the organization.
  • An opportunity to have commercial decision support in the form of companies and other customer groups that can provide a quick ROI of future investments in the network.

Contact information:

Michael Brogaard Jensen